Who we are

WoopSkinz® sells mobile device accessories either directly to consumers or indirectly through third-party resellers, and independently owned stores.

Brascom Limited Switzerland was established in 2014 as an online retailer of protective films for various electronic devices. However, as new devices were constantly being released, the company faced issues with increasing stock and rejections of protective films. In response, the company's founder, Gabriel, began developing a software to produce orders on demand, laying the foundation for the WoopSkinz® software.

In 2019, the WoopSkinz® software was optimized and in 2020 it was restructured into a franchise system, leading to the creation of WoopSkinz GmbH. The franchise system aimed to reduce excess protective film in circulation and contribute to CO2 minimization by producing films on customer request.

In 2023, the concept of WoopSkinz® was revised, leading to the dissolution of WoopSkinz GmbH and the incorporation of the software into Brascom GmbH and becaming the Joint Venture company WoopSkinz+Brascom GmbH, and operating externally under the name WoopSkinz+Brascom. The new concept of WoopSkinz® is Software as a Service (SaaS) where the software can be rented and used by any company that wants to produce protective films on demand. The customer can choose their own materials and use their own brand. The low monthly rent for the software makes it accessible and profitable with margins of up to 600%.

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